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Joe Biden standing in front of an American flag, holding a microphone

We look forward to working with a conservation ally

With President-elect Joe Biden headed to the White House, a clear path is opening up to protect wild nature for the benefit of all people and confront the climate crisis head-on.
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Every voice matters and every vote must be counted

The strength of our democracy is more important than any individual candidate. Our work of protecting wild nature for the benefit of all people and confronting and mitigating the effects of the climate crisis depends on it.
Screenshot of map illustrating changes in Bears Ears National Monument between 2017 and now

New story map details how last four years of Trump oil and gas actions have impacted public lands and communities

by The Wilderness Society
The Wilderness Society Action Fund analyzed data compiled from the Bureau of Land Management and found that through September 2020, the administration has offered an area of over 108 million acres of public lands and waters for oil and gas leasing – ...
Canada lynx cub with blurred plant growth in immediate foreground

7 wildlife species with a stake in the 2020 election

President Trump’s assaults on environmental safeguards pose severe threats to wildlife. These are a few of the numerous species who have a stake in the 2020 presidential election.
Icebergs float off the port of Ilulissat, Greenland under cloudy sky

Gradually addressing climate change is no longer an option; Trump helped make that so

President Trump's attacks on environmental rules and embrace of fossil fuels have not only committed the U.S. to worsening climate change, but helped take away the option of gradually addressing the crisis. If we're going to reverse course, we'll have ...
Black silhouette against sunset sky of man on left side of screen facing several belching smokestacks

6 ways Trump’s re-election will worsen the climate crisis

If re-elected, President Trump will make the climate change crisis even worse by doubling down on some of his most disastrous policies, including ramping up oil and gas drilling, artificially propping up dirty coal and gutting protections for public la...

Judge orders Pendley out as BLM director